Who is Luna B?

Hey there, I'm Jen! Maker, mom, and the creative force behind Luna B. Ever since my humble beginnings in a cozy gift shop in Minneapolis, I've been hooked on jewelry. I've been making jewelry in various forms, starting with beading, metalwork, stamping, then most recently, I invested in a laser cutter that has become my trusty copilot in this small business journey.
The thrill of crafting a unique piece and then wearing it to a chorus of "where did you get that?" is unbeatable!
My goal is to create pieces that not only make you shine brighter but also reflect your individuality. After all, you're one of a kind, and your jewelry should be too! I source only the finest nickel free brass and plated materials because everyone deserves to look and feel their best, even those with sensitive skin!
Currently, I'm living the dream in scenic Portland, Oregon with my family - my husband, our daughter, and our two adorable rescue pups. When we're not busy creating or exploring the coast, you'll find us hiking or browsing local markets.